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CanCast's Service Approach

Ryan Coombe, CanCast's Operations Manager, has been working in the metal casting business for over 15 years and has the experience that comes from producing one to four tones of product each day.

As well as the contribution experience makes, CanCast's success is due to consistent use of only the best materials and insistence on the highest of manufacturing standards, as well as rigorous testing procedures. This means we are able to create a product of the highest quality - at the best possible value for money. We also offer our customers a complete service, as we work with a full range of metals beyond the standard iron that many foundries are restricted to.

Our reputation for outstanding service rests on the fact that we utilise a customer-orientated approach based on talking through the issues with our clients, then going into problem-solving mode, tailoring our solutions to each of our customer's unique requirements.


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